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Pixel count isn’t the only thing that affects image quality. Normally, if you start with a low-quality image, you’ll just end up with a bigger low-quality image if you upscale it. 

Resizing any Image results in a loss of quality and fineness of your image.  There are several situations when you need to resize a photo.  For better enlargement try Waifu 2x Enlarger. It is free as well as simple to use. 

Our basic guide to resizing images can help you avoid blurry images by providing information about what is happening when you resize photos, we’ll provide you with possible solutions and we’ll also provide 3 tips for higher quality enlargements.

Why do Images Lose Quality when they Enlarged?

The first step in avoiding distortion when you make an image larger is obtaining an understanding of what happens when a normal photo is enlarged. To explain what happens, you have to understand the concept of pixels.

  • Pixels and Bitmap

A bitmap is the most common image format used in photographs. In fWhen purchase, a digital camera or a camera phone, one of the specifications provided is a number like 3MP, 5MP, or 8MP. The MP stands for megapixels, which is made up of 1 million pixels. 

These pixels are combined to make up a bitmap image. If you zoom in real on a photo, you will see these entities in the form of squares. Each of these squares is mapped to a fixed location on the image, thus the term bitmap.

  • Pixelation 

Resizing an image enlarges or shrinks each of the pixels inside the image. When you shrink the pixels, you see no loss of quality in the image, because the pixels become even less visible. 

However, when you enlarge an image, the pixels become more visible and their mapping becomes more pronounced. The blurriness or distortion that you see with an enlarged photo has become “pixelated.” At a distance, the trees create large patches of various colors and types of trees.

Not all of our images are the exact size we need them to be, so it's important to understand how to properly resize an image and how resizing works.

Best Solution for Enlarging Images

Waifu2x best solutuin for image enlargmenet

For enlarging an image without losing its quality Waifu2x helps. It has the best image enlargement qualities. Waifu2x is the best software for enlarging and resizing images as per your requirements. 

Waifu2x is the software that enlarges images and saves them from some blurry effects. It possesses a noise reduction scale that is used to adjust the clarity of an image while enlarging it. 

It helps to resize an image within a minute as it quickly and instantly produces the result. We are going further to know the exact working of Waifu2x.

Features -

  • Quick Image Enlargement 

Enlarge images in a minute is possible by using Waifu2x. Use these tools and change the appearance of your image. 

  • Increase Image Size up to 10x 

Waifu2x enlarge your image up to 10x. There is a noise reduction option you may choose from low, medium, and high, and move to increase the size from 1x to 10x. 

  • Easy to Use 

It is very easy to use. By completing certain steps you get desired image. You can increase the size of the image in minutes.

Basic Guide to Resizing Images 

Just about any image editing software available has the resizing option included, and that is because resizing photos is a moderately common task. 

Resizing is often required to save file space, in the creation of professional presentations like newsletters or PowerPoint presentations, entering photos into documents, social media background images, and the list goes on. Resizing, especially enlarging, can create distortion or blurring of the photo. This issue can be avoided and we’re about to show you how.

Three Tips for Higher Quality Enlargements

Tips for Higher Quality Enlargements

Often, the image we need to enlarge is a bitmap image instead of a vector image, so that tends to create lots of problems when we do enlargements. 

Though you cannot quite produce an ea replicate the original image in an enlargement, certain techniques can be utilized which can make distortions and artifacts in the enlarged image virtually unnoticeable to the human eye. Here are three of those techniques -

  • Take Smaller Steps Up To 300% Enlargement

Rather than stating a specific image size you, want to enlarge to, the better technique for allowing interpolation to be more successful at predicting the outcome of the enlarged image is to enlarge by percentages until a point of distortion is reached. 

In general, medium to large photos can be enlarged by 200% without any noticeable change. However, enlarging beyond 300% is probably going to produce distortion. Reaching that balance of enhancement with minimal distortion often rests on a very thin line.

  • The Bigger the Original image, the better

Starting with a larger image, which is achieved with higher megapixel cameras and higher dpi settings makes producing a higher quality enlargement much easier to achieve. 

A smaller image will show distortion and artifacts with just the slightest amount of enlargement, but a larger image can withstand a great deal more enlargement without any noticeable loss of quality.

  • Sharpening the Image

One way to overcome the distortion of enlargement is through the use of sharpening. Essentially, you can push your enlargement right up to the very edge of distortion and then utilize an image sharpening tool in your photo editor to clean up that distortion. 

Image sharpening is not a miracle tool, but it can allow you a little bit more leeway when it comes to enlargement percentage.

Last Words 

This article is all about resizing the image and making it larger without any kind of quality loss. It also, cover three tips for higher quality enlargements. Read the complete article and try waifu2x for better enlargement.

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